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Keysight DSA35670A versus Agilent DSA35670A

Question asked by hilton on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by hilton
We have test jig software that controls the Agilent 35670A perfectly to measure audio ripple(max variation in level) over a band of 300Hz to 3kHz.
It does 220 traces in approx. 47 seconds (approx 1.5 full sweeps across the display)
Its nice and smooth and passes our spec.
When I use Keysight (OPT AY2) (thought it was just re-branded) via B2357B the measurements have "dips" resulting in our testjig always failing the products now.
I'm fairly new to DSA's but need to know please the difference in hardware/software/commands/default settings that may cause this please.

We found the predecessor model a Agilent/HP 35665 was only slightly problematic in that it was a few milliseconds slower in updating a sweep, but we ran the test for both models and ensured that the older model would at least give a 99% pass rate. I.e no more than 5 failures out of 500 runs. I seem to recall we had either 2 or 3 failures on the 35665 and none on the 35670. We used to have 2 instruments of each in labs and we repeated for both 35665’s and both 33670’s

The update rate is set to 1. Perhaps the display graphical updates consume a significant time compared to the time to compute an FFT.