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WCDMA spurious measurement on N5182A

Question asked by nnat on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by nnat

I'm trying to read the spurious results from a N5182A which has a WCDMA with HSPA+ option. The method used is as followed (using C++):
wcdma_spur_res << rf_freq << "\t " ;

viQueryf(N9020A, ":MEAS:SPURious?\n", "%,#lf", &spur_size, spur); //&spur_size_value

for (int k = 0;  k < spur_size; k++)
      wcdma_spur_res << *spur << "\t";
      cout << *spur << "\t x" << spur << endl;

The returned reading are always the same:
(First colum is the carrier frequency)
6.99e+008      -6.27744e+066     -6.27744e+066     -6.27744e+066 ...
7.09e+008      -6.27744e+066     -6.27744e+066     -6.27744e+066...
7.19e+008      -6.27744e+066     -6.27744e+066     -6.27744e+066....

This method is working consistently when reading spurious results in LTE as well as reading other results (SEM, ACP..)

When using Keysight command expert, the reading results seem to be correct, at least not constant as above. 

I'm wondering if some of you had experienced the same behaviour and have a hint for how to solve it.