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Current Averaging (Aperture) with AutoZero

Question asked by bito2000 on Sep 7, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by bito2000

I'm hoping someone can help me understand how aperature/autozero affects the recorded values.
I would like to use a 34461A to measure average current consumption averaged over periods of 1s. 
The device under test (DUT) is going to be quite spikey (say 1uA typically bursting to a 10mA for few us).
I'm happy to set/clamp the current range on the DMM (no auto range issues)

Q1. Am I correct in thinking that the Aperature will provide a true average / integration of the current?

Q2. Do I loose measuements during autozero? e.g. say the aperature is set to 1s with auto zero on. After 100s, I will have 100 readings. Does the sum of these readings / 100 = true average for the 100s period? Or is it possible that some current spikes from the DUT will have been lost while the DMM was doing an auto zero?