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M9393A VSA doesn't show up in 89600 Hardware Configuration Tool

Question asked by psparkk on Jul 28, 2015

I have the following system:
HW: M9018A PXI chassis + M9036A controller + M9393A PXI VSA
SW: Agilent 89600 VSA 17.0 (2014.1205), M9393 SFP, Connection expert 16.3

When I open M9393A SFP everything works fine, I can make basic RF measurements with my VSA.
However, when I try to use M9393A in 89600 software it doesn't show up under Analyzer Configurations. Refer to attached screenshot.
All the modules of 9393A show up correctly in the Connection Expert.
When the 89600 integration utility is ran, it says no 89600 installation is detected although I have it installed and activated. 
How can I make 9393A work with 89600 software?