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NVNA Power Calibration Method and Uncertainty

Question asked by lathos on Jan 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2016 by lathos

I am looking at performing some uncertainty analysis on NVNA measurements performed on an N5247A PNA-X and have been reading a particular black and blue book that receives some advertising on these forums ;)

I wondered if it could be pointed out to me what methods in the book are used for the guided power calibration performed as part of the NVNA calibration (and also if it matters if that is performed before or after the `vector' cal.?). This leads to a second question of how to extract uncertainties resulting from that power calibration? My current assumption would be to use the power meter uncertainties for the receiver calibration, then the iteration threshold and the receiver calibration uncertainty for the source power calibration. Does that sound along the right lines?

Finally, is there any literature that covers how the source power at the input of the DUT is calculated from the calibrated receivers?