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6032A power supply rise time changes as supply warms up

Question asked by paulatreides on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by paulatreides
I am using a 6032A power supply, controlled by GPIB.   With the supply cold, when I program it to +35V with 300mA current limit, the rise time is about 400ms.  But then after using the supply to source 35V and 15 Amps for an hour, when I shut it down to 0V and program it back to +35V with 300mA current limit again, it takes over one second to get back to +35V.

Is it normal for the rise time of this power supply to be much slower when it is warm, vs. cold?   Or is this possibly a sign that the power supply is failing?

I understand from another thread that the rise time will be relatively slow with the current limit set at 300mA.  But why would it be even slower when the supply is warmed up?