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FOM option 80 for mixer conversion loss measurement

Question asked by jacket on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by pdh1

I am using the Network Analyzer (PNA-L N5230A 4-port) to do some frequency offset measurement with the FOM option 80. In order to verify the measurement correction, I first measure the conversion loss of mixer, following the online help (Application->Frequency Offset->Conversion Loss) , version A.09.90. The mixer is MiniCircuits ZX05-153LH+.

I set R3 (port3) as the input of the mixer and D (port4) as the output of the mixer. The result is always D display larger than R3 about 12 dB, which is not correct based on the mixers specification. I tried the other ports as the input and output, but still get the same results.

Then I use a separate spectrum analyzer to read the output of the mixer and still using the R3 (port3) as the input of the mixer. In this case I can get the correct conversion loss value.

Can someone give me some suggestions about this measurement? 

Next step, I want to use the FOM option to measure both magnitude and phase of my frequency conversion device. Is there a good way to do this measurement? Is the FCA option 83 available on my Network Analyzer?

Thank you.