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PNA (E8362C) coupler compensation

Question asked by drivenout on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2016 by drivenout
I am trying to follow what I have been informed is good practice/optimum performance for this model of VNA, by attempting to get the expected output power of my DUT down to around -15 to -20dBm by the time it reaches the measurement receiver (to keep it well out of compression).

In doing this i have assumed ~15dB loss from the coupler before the measurement receiver plus a couple more dB loss from path lengths from the DUT through my switches etc. I would then use the receiver attenuators to get the power down further to the required level.

Am I correct in thinking that the coupler is the only element i should take account of in the receiver path? Should I be taking account of it at all? I am worried that possibly the ~15dB loss will already have been taken account of by the instrument, or will be further affected in either direction by other path elements (mixer losses/IF gain blocks???)

Any guidance gratefully received!