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Copy files from USB drive to MXG N5182A/B with SCPI commands

Question asked by auto on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by BrooksHanley
Hi All,
I'm trying to copy binary file from USB drive (stick) to MXG N5182 with SCPI commands, but I don't succeed to do it.
I have a folder on USB, folder name is "modulations". The folder "modulations" includes test.bin. I want to copy a test.bin to BBG1 (Volatile memory)

:SYSTem:FILesystem:STORage:EXTernal:PATH "modulations"
:MEMory:COPY: "NVWFM:test.bin","WFM1:test.bin"

I tried also:
:MEMory:COPY: '/user/waveform/modulations/test.bin','WFM1:test.bin'

After sending a copy command I got syntax error. Why?

Thanks in advance for any help.