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Simulating MOSFETs converging at linear mode in small time steps

Question asked by ren_zokuken01 on Feb 17, 2016
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There are instances where the MOSFET gets into Linear Mode (from a very high gate input) and it's Vds becomes unstable and swings wildly from one value to another. Sometimes it settles or sometimes the swinging "averages" to a convergence point. It happens very fast so for most purposes, we simply rely on simply linear equations.

I want to be able to simulate this in ADS. Actually see the plot of the swings in very small time steps (probably in nanoseconds) at each constant VDC input. So I need guidance...

I've heard that BSIM models are very accurate in the physics of electrical properties of MOSFETs. Albeit it's mostly used for IC design, while I don't have a choice but to implement my design with discrete components. Even so, is BSIM the way to go in ADS?

What other things do I need to consider or work out? How do I set it up?

Thank you.

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