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N5242A with Keysight Benchvue Network Analyzer App

Question asked by dE on Mar 15, 2016
I receive a error code when using the Keysight Benchvue Network Analyzer app to remotely control the N5242A.

Error message seen on the Network Analyzer "The SCPI Command received caused error Number -420 "QUERY UNTERMINATED"".

Any ideas what is causing this?

When I launch the Benchvue Application and connect to the instrument, I see the error. When I change tabs between Instrument Setting, Screen Capture, and Trace Data I will also see the error.
When I am in the Trace Data tab, I cannot capture the current Trace. I get an error "No Traces configured for capture".

Here is the hardware and software that I am using.

82357B USB/GPIB Connector

Keysight IO Libraries Suite 17.2.20605.2
Keysight Benchvue 3.1
Keysight Network Analyzer App 3.1

App code version: A.09.33.09
Build 422.0 (Release)

Thank you for any help and/or suggestions.