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Measure Rise time

Question asked by skm on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by skm
I am using the function 
y = FrontPanel_wave_1st_transition_rise_time(data,base,top,base_threshold_pct,top_threshold_pct)
to measure the rise time of a signal by transient simulation. I would like to sweep the input frequency and measure the rise time for each output. This function appears to be failing while using sweep. Is there a workaround?
I realise that while seeping the frequency, my data output is a 2 dimensional array and if I specify the frequency index by using 
y = FrontPanel_wave_1st_transition_rise_time(data[0,::],base,top,base_threshold_pct,top_threshold_pct)

then the function gives me a value. Is there a way to make the frequency index as a variable so that i can get the rise time for each output?