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Viewing Momentum simulations during cosimulation from a schematic

Question asked by Subby on Feb 15, 2016
Hi all, 

Its been about 6 years since I used ADS and they have changed a lot in the interface since then.   In ADS 2009 and prior, I would use Layout Components in my schematic for calling the Momentum simulator.   When I ran the simulation, every permutation of Momentum that ran would pop up in a new window while Momentum ran, allowing me to check that the design was being permutated correctly and that the mesh looked good.   However, now I'm using ADS 2015.01 and when I invoke co-simulation from the schematic, the underlying Momentum simulation does not appear - though it seems that it is running in the background somewhere (???). 

Is there anyway to make the Momentum simulation visible during a co-simulation in ADS 2015.01 like it used to be in ADS 2009?  I can't seem to find a way to see what Momentum is doing and want to make sure the copper layout is being simulated correctly.