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Cal All Bug(SC21,NFX,GCX)

Question asked by ridvan on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by Dr_joel
We are using PNA-X (4Port) with A.10.49.02 firmware version. I'm trying to do Scalar mixer measurement, Gain compression for converters and noise figure for converters measurement. I created 3 channels and 3 windows for measurements. SC21, CompOut and NF.
I calibrated three channels with Cal All Option manually successful but when I used SCPI commands, it failed and gives an error.
Error: the ecal used for pulling is ambiguous or not found.
I am doing scalar noise measurement and I am sending all commands about scalar noise measurement.
Noise Method: Scalar
Noise Characterization: Use Noise Source

Although I don't use vector noise, it gives an error about vector noise measurement. I think this is because of firmware bug. If it is not a bug, is there any solution of this problem? Thanks.