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Recommendations for DCV and linear position capture at 1000/sec to 10,000/s

Question asked by greif on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by Dr_Frank
I currently have an old system that grabs a voltage from a HP3457 DMM and pairs it with a position that comes from a HP laser interferometer. 
This is a rather old system using HPIB, HPBasic and can get data at 80 to 200 pairs per second (a minimum of 30,000 pairs is needed for each 
measurement session). 

I am looking to improve or replace this with a mind of increasing the speed around 2x to 4x, but am also thinking modern electronics may 
easily permit 10x or 100x faster data gathering. This system will not need to be changed often so I would rather not use Labview if something 
less pricy will do. I expect that 100x faster might be pricy and that may be ok.
Measurements are; 3VDC to 0.001VDC and linear resolution for position is 0.1um or better over a distance of 100mm minimum.

What is the best interface to get continuous data pairs at this speed? 
GPIB PCI card? 
Is USB GPIB up to the task? 
Something other than GPIB?

Any real world recommendations for a DVM that can capture 3 to 0.001VDC continuously (30,000 data pairs)
at 1000/ sec?
at 10,000/ sec?

Any real world recommendations on a linear measuring encoder that can output position at 0.1um resolution
(I like the laser, but have my doubts that even the newest can output position as fast as I want, so other encoders can be considered)
at 1000/ sec?
at 10,000/ sec?

Thanks to all!