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HP4294A Disk O/S bugs?

Question asked by TonyGraham on Mar 30, 2009
I've noticed the disk operating system of the 4294A seems to be a bit buggy, especially with regards to the Flash disk. Files can be purged but later reappear using the CAT command. More problematic is that files that have been written to the Flash disk and confirmed ok using CAT, then spontaneously disappear when trying to read/copy. The flash disk is therefore not reliable for storing measurement data.

Also, within iBASIC programs, has anyone successfully changed the storage device using the STOD command? STOD FLASH seems to have no effect. Similarly, the FILC command seems buggy: it works when the system is working solely with the floppy, but the command can fail to see files in the flash virtual directory.

Has anyone seen these or similar issues?