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Channel Settings Table in .png File?

Question asked by KV on May 11, 2015
As a first stab at a project with Connection Expert I tried to automatically save data files and plots in the 8 measurement windows we typically look at with our N5242 instead of clicking through everything with the mouse.  It worked like a charm until I got to the last document.  We typically go to File - Print and select a PDF maker as a printer.  This prints all 8 screens at one with the Channel Settings table at the bottom of each page into a .pdf file.

Is there a way to do this with a SCPI command?  It doesn't have to be a pdf file (.png would be fine).  

Setting the default printer to the PDF maker and then issuing HCOPy:IMMediate throws an error apparently because it doesn't like the Save As box that pops up from the PDF maker.  I tried using HCOPy:FILE but this doesn't show the Channel Settings table as part of the image.

Any help or ideas would be great.

I attached a copy of a sample PDF file as a reference.