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EPM Analyzer and E4416A not playing nice

Question asked by jpower on Jul 16, 2015
I have EPM- Analyzer software working with an E4416A power meter and a 9327A sensor.

i use the GPIB (national instruments brand) to get to it on an old xp laptop with VEE 9

I have a new 64bit windows 7 laptop with VEE 9.3 and the EPM analyzer opens and shows the sensor selection windows with:
1413 or other. 

If i pick 1413 it just goes back to the pick sensor window as if it didnt find it.

If i pick other and do find it shows all the devices i have.

Am i missing some driver that is causing this issue?  

I have the right address GPIB 13 and i can use connection expert or keysight command expert to use the power meter so i know its being detected.