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Help Triggering InfiniiVision scope

Question asked by scope_searcher on Mar 13, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by algoss
I've been working with two DSOX3024T scopes via VISA-USB and I'm trying to capture data using MATLAB. I want to capture data  from all 8 traces by using a SINGLE external trigger. However, unless I allow for the scopes to be triggered multiple times(once for each trace), they (the scopes)  do not display the data and the scopes freeze up. Currently, I'm using the desired external trigger and then switching  to an internal one just to allow for the code to cycle through and display the data on the screen for it to be captured. Is there a way to display the data from all the traces on the screen using only a single external trigger? It worked fine with GPIB but I can't seem to get it with the VISA-USB interface. Thank you in advance!