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SerialPort DataRecived Event, has any one got it to work ?

Question asked by paulrowan on Mar 25, 2015
Hi, my previous post relates to tracking down this problem.

After receiving a piece of example code for using .NET rather than VEE I/O to access Com ports, I was impressed with the ease of use and the ability to have events. The code worked fine for the Disposed Event but not DataRecived. Unfortunately Keysight tech support did not have access to a Com port to test the code.

Please could could anyone advise if there is a known issue with the .NET DataRecived Event being triggered in VEE. With the attached program when data above the RecivedBytesThreshold is received, VEE goes to 50% CPU time without executing the objects within the Event handler. If then I try to close the port VEE locks totally.

Any assistance gratefully received
Many thanks

I'm running a clean install of VEE9.3 with the SP3.5 .NET as supplied (.NET v4 is also one the machine for C# work)
Works fine in C#