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VEEPRO 9.32 - Error 814 - Attempted to unlock this non-locked device

Question asked by llamarche on Mar 25, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2015 by llamarche
My application uses a Panel Driver for an hp hp53132a time intervale counter with "statistics on"
and a WAIT SRQ on " averaging complete".  Averaging takes a few minutes. 

Every thing appears fine until I try to stop or exit the program. I am getting this 
"Attempted to unlock this non-locked device" error message and VEEPRO cannot exit it
must be called with the task manager.

The 2 last lines of the IOMonitor capture are
Address  ... Source             Method Call      .....       Return Value
GPIB1::6      Agilent VISA   VISA::viUnlock .....       VI_ERROR_SESN_NLOCKED
GPIB1::6      Agilent VISA   VISA::viStatusDesc    VI_ERROR_SESN_NLOCKED : Specified object is not

I have check the log and it appears that VEEPRO effectively sends an extra unlock request to the instrument
when it stops.

Any idea for solving this issue ?

Thank you.