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PNA-X FW SMC measurement class X-axis issue

Question asked by rok on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by rok

I am using A.10.47.03 firmware on the PNA-X systems here. I can't upgrade to the a.10.49.02, since there's a note that it won't work properly with Opt 90. 

The issue I'm encountering is that there seems to be a difference in behavior now when creating a new smc measurement channel with this firmware version. Before, the default x-axis was using the output frequency of the mixer (for a SC21 measurement). But now, it seems that it's changed to default to the input frequency range! It seems it also affected the VMC measurement class measurements as well. However, both the NFX and IMDX are behaving the same way as the previous firmwares. (i.e. default X-axis is the output frequency of the mixer.)

If your team can fix the SMC & VMC default x-axis behavior back to the prior firmware behavior, that would be greatly appreciated.