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How to configure an external trigger to measure "n" channels?

Question asked by benji on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by tomc
Which possibilities of configuration there are for the next scenario?
Imagine that you have configured some channels as a 4-wire Ohmmeter and you have to scan thus channels each "x" time. However if you get an external trigger you have to measure in the same slot and different channels the voltage of "k" channels.

Shall we use i.e. an alarm using a sequence predefined before with a specific channel dedicated to detect the trigger? What is the most efficient configuration?
Below I've attached a solution:  

ROUT:SEQ:DEF MYSEQ_1,"ROUT:SCAN (@1058:1061)" !Define sequence
CALC:LIM:UPP 5.00,(@1058:1061)         !Set upper alarm limit 
CALC:LIM:UPP:STAT ON,(@1058:1061)       !Enable alarms
OUTP:ALARM1:SOUR (@1058:1061)           !Report alarms on Alarm 1 
ROUT:MON:CHAN (@1058:1061)              !Select monitor channel
ROUT:MON:CHAN:ENAB ON, (@1058:1061)     !Enable monitoring on selected channel
ROUT:SEQ:TRIG:SOUR MYSEQ_1,ALAR1   !Enable trigger source


REMARK: mainframe 34980A, module 34924A

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