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Usage of keyboard arrow keys to move motor stage

Question asked by JoWe on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by JoWe
I want to control the movement of my 3axis motor stage with the arrow buttons of my keyboard.
(similar to almost each small pc game, e.g. pc racing game).

Until now it is only possible by clicking on toggle-buttons with my mouse.

Does anyone know a possibility how to get a (direct) input by pressing a button on the keyboard?

    - the usage of F-buttons (F1,F2,...) which activate the OK-command is not the answer
    - Keyboard is connected via USB or PS/2. I cannot find it as an I/O Instrument (no USB/TMC-protocoll?))
    - would I have better chance by using an adapter (e.g. PS/2 to RS232)?

thanks for each hint!