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34410a anomoly

Question asked by robaroni on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2015 by robaroni
I'm wondering if this is my meter or there is a general ADC problem.
Here's what's happening:

If I measure the current through a 1k resistor from a .5V DC source I get ~.418 mA's on the 1mA scale. (Actually I've measured the resistance at 985.50 ohms and the DC source at .497V but this is close enough I think if anyone wishes to duplicate my error).

If I measure the current on the 10mA scale I get a correct reading of .504 amps.

So you would think there's a problem with my 1mA scale but if I measure low current on the scale, say a 10k resistor with a .5VDC source I get the correct reading on the 1mA scale. As I move up the scale the error increases.

Thanks for your time and help,