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Problem acquiring waveform data (array) in C

Question asked by meta on Oct 20, 2015
Hi, I have a line of code which is based on Agilent's +IVI-COM driver and VISA-COM I/O programming examples in Microsoft Visual C#+ document: 

src2.WriteString("VBS? 'return=app.Acquisition.C1.Out.Result.DataArray'", true);
double [ ] results = (double [ ] )src2.ReadList(IEEEASCIIType.ASCIIType_R8, ",");

I am using a LeCroy WaveRunner 44Xi so I can send VBS scripts to it and should receive an array for the waveform I see on channel 1, however, I get the following *error:* 

*Unexpected I/O termination or couldn't convert list item # 1 to floating point format*

I have also tried using a more direct command to acquire the waveform arrray: 

src2.WriteString("INSPECT? SIMPLE", true);
double[ ] results = (double[ ]) src2.ReadList(IEEEASCIIType.ASCIIType_R8, ",");

But I get the same error. Could someone give me some insight on this? Would greatly appreciate it.

Edit: please ignore the space inside the arrays [ ]. If I did not add the space, the formatting in this forum made it invisible. Inside my program there is no space between [ ].

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