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4 port N-type/WR-284 calibration

Question asked by tj on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2015 by Dr_joel
I've searched through previous posts about similar issues but still didn't find anything that helped...

I have a N5221A PNA, E-cal N4432A (for N-type), and a WR-284 Cal Kit from Maury (S7007S), and I'm attempting to make measurements on several 4-port directional couplers with the input/output ports being WR-284 and the coupling ports being N-type.

I originally thought I could use the couplers as unknown thrus, but the coupling factor spec for these couplers is 60dB and I believe the threshold for an unknown thru is 40dB...

Via Smart-Cal, I attempted to do a 4 port cal using my two kits, as well as the "Modify Cal" option. In the modify option, I selected 
1) the two N-types to use the Ecal as their unknown thru
2) the two WG types to flush thru
3) one WG and one N-type port to unknown thru (where the other WG adapter would be used as the unknown thru)

I have several issues with the procedure.  Firstly, the only WG standard asked for is the short, no loads whatsoever.  Also, at the very end, the prompt asks for delay and phase offset, neither given values make a lick of sense.  
The PNA provided:
Time delay= -1.#IND
Phase offset= -2147483648

Can someone advise the ideal way to calibrate the coax/WG combination? Either tweaking my above attempt or using a whole different approach (I could not figure out adapter removal method...)