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ADS PI and SI workflow

Question asked by vik1228 on Jun 1, 2015
I want to do post layout simulation.
I design my PCBs in Altium Designer and I can generate ODB++ files.
ADS can import ODB++ files.
After that I want to do Power Integrity and Signal Integrity simulation.  
How can I assign s-parameter models for my capacitors? ( hundreds of capacitors on the PCB )
We use Samung capacitors and  ODB++ files includes the Part Number of these elements. 
For example: "100nF SMD 0402 16V CAP X7R" Part Number: *CL05B104KO5NNN*
Can ADS automatically assign the correct modells for the capacitors by name(part number)?
After that:
- How can I do a power integrity simulation on my imported PCB? ( in ADS )
- How can I do a signal integrity simulation on my imported PCB? ( in ADS )  

Can I download an example / tutorial / workflow / descreption for it?
( Unfortunatelly I can't find an example for this workflow. )

Please write a download link or send a design workspace. ( )
Thank you.

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