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Lost VISA contact with AGN5244A

Question asked by herbert on May 21, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by herbert
    I am trying to interact with an AGN5244A over the LAN port.  Using a set of LabVIEW programs that have previously worked, some time ago.  Now they do not work with the Agilent "Initialize N5244A" vi  now comes up with an error that suggests it cannot find the device.  The VISA address being used is "TCPIP0::10:47:3:21::5025::SOCKET::inst0::INSTR".

  Using ACE (v16.3) and adding a LAN instrument, using the "Add Address"  and options "Use IP Address" and "Socket", when I press the "Test Connection" button  I am told the instrument is present.  When I select "*IDN query" and press "Identify Instrument" I get back the instrument ID string.

I have had a look at the COM/DCOM security and find that there is not an entry for "Everyone".  Is this the issue?  If so how do I re-establish "Everyone", haven't found how to do this in the documentation I have looked at.

Any suggestions would be helpful as I assume it is a security issue and this area is not my strong point!  The PNA-X runs XP Professional.