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S2P SCPI issues N523XX Series PNA

Question asked by Zzimmha42 on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by Zzimmha42
Hey I currently am working with 4 different Keysight Network Analyzers.

1. (N5230C 10MHz-40Ghz PNA-L) 
2. (N5235A 10MHz-50GHz PNA-L) 
3. (N5234A 10MHz-43.5GHz PNA-L) 
4. (N5230C 10MHz-50GHz PNA-L) 

I am trying to save s2p data from each of the analyzers remotely using SCPI commands. The command I am using is CALC:DATA:SNP:PORTs:Save '1,2','' and have gotten mixed results. The first two analyzers have been able to save the s2p data when the command was sent. The last two analyzers both gave the error (The SCPI command received has caused error number -200 "Execution error"). I am almost positive I'm using the correct SCPI command, especially since it works for two of the analyzers. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!