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ENA E5071C - Amp macro - How to disable vector cal for compression?

Question asked by mirek on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by Ryoji
I am trying to measure compression on higher power amplifiers with ENA E5071C using ENA Amplifier wizard 0141.
I see some problem with calibration. The macro always force me to perform vector calibration. It will be good idea add option that can skip that vector calibration. In most cases scalar calibration will be sufficient and faster to perform. And if you use 20 to 40 dB safety attenuation it not exactly working with vector cal. 

Is there way to skip that?

sp. the source leveling also look not so good too. I got couple time error 200. Not sure what it meas, I can only assume that it could not level the power.

Honestly  you should skip adjusting the source during leveling. You should just set arbitrary power (0dBm) and read what ever the power is on power meter, then use that to calibrate the receiver.
So reference is what power the power meter see.