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Eye-diagram simulation when S21 result of touchstone file isn't enough

Question asked by luecha on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 12, 2015 by Heidi_Barnes
Hi. Nowadays I am testing Eye-diagram simulation using S21 touch stone file.
My target data rate is 20Gbps.

But I've found that my S21 file has the result upto 15GHz.

As you know, S21 result should have the result of frequency upto 30GHz(3rd Harmonics of the target data rate, 3*10GHz)
when we want to to 20Gbps Eye-diagram simulation

Even though my file has the result only upto 15GHz, simulation completed with some result. (Maybe imperfect Result)

So, I wonder what kind of algorithm ADS is using to compensate those lack of information (S21 of frequency from 15GHz)
Does ADS assume that every S21 value of frequency which is higher than 15GHz is the same value of 15GHz?
Or does ADS use some special algorithm to compensate the lack of S21 information?

Thanks a lot.