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Disabling read terminator for Direct IO

Question asked by freq0ut on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by WDrago
I am successfully communicating with an instrument that doesn't use read terminators. It sends its information in packets of 26 bytes. Each byte can take on any combination of 0's and 1's (decimal 0-255) depending on the measured values. I want to disable read terminators so that my tests can run regardless of the bit pattern that shows up. Why is this not easy to find?

I am reading BINARY BYTES of size 26. Even though it is set to size 26, it will generate an error "End of file or no data".

I can see on my logic analyzer that data is on the line, but VISA is backing out as soon as what ever read terminator specified shows up. I have tried changing the read terminator to different ascii characters, hoping it wouldn't show up, but I cannot get through a test. I need every byte combination, 0-255.