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E5072A - IMD macro and Harmonics macro problem

Question asked by mirek on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2016 by takeshio
I  got demo E5072A unit and i am trying to measure Intermod using the macrom posted on Key sigh (E5072AIMDWizard_0101).
The problem I have that the sweep option are disabled.What I am missing on that ENA?
The macro stated that it required option 008 (frequency offset). I see that the unit do have frequency offset. 

I try manually set that measurement too but i do not see place where I can level the external signal generator (i see oll the setting for the generator and the ENA looks lieke it detecting it over Keithley USB- GPIB controller.

I also try the harmonics measurement macro (part of E5072AAmplifierWizard_0101), however when tray to use USB U2000 Power Sensor I getting message to start Keysight Connection Expert. I did that and the Connection Expert did detect the Power Sensor but the Macro always showing the same message.    

Anybody from Keysight have some insight how to set that measurement properly or do I need  to enable some additional options?