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Filtering measurments that goes into statistics

Question asked by alexbir on Nov 30, 2015
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Hey all,

We are using oscilloscope: DSA-X-92504A

I have a DDR data and a clock signal. I would like to measure time between one edge of data (rising for example) to the nearest previous edge of clock (it can be rising or falling edge).
The problem I see is that the same rising/falling edge of data measured related to the rising *and* to the falling edge of the clock. Each data edge gives me 2 measurements. One measurement of cause is wrong.
In order to measure these parameters I need to build 4 scope setups (rising data & rising clock trigger, falling data & rising clock trigger etc.) Run the same data 4 times. It takes too long.
I need to measure these parameters in one scope setup. 

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
Filtering results that goes into statistic can solve this issue by limit them to UI (if measurement > UI => ignore) . But I didn't find a such option. 
Can anyone assist please?

eMMC compliance package will not help me in this case.  

Please take a look at the attachment for an example.


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