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EW63/6Ghz Waveguide Sweep

Question asked by oldtech on Mar 14, 2015
I am trying to sweep a  6 Ghz transmission line system (EW63 and dish mounted on a tower) using the Spectrum analyzer on a fieldfox N9916A (using CAT)    How should  a good sweep look?    I would expect a good system (about 200 feet of EW63 and a dish) would be around 25 DB return loss?  The sweeps that I made were  not flat across the sweep 5-8 ghz.  I would have expected the display to be much flatter.  The top of the reflected response (peaks) were below -20 db, but I had about 15 db of signal below that?  Again, I would expect that to be reasonably flat.   Could someone point me to what a good sweep should look like (sweep of waveguide and dish)?