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VSA 89601B Input-Extensions SCPI command

Question asked by Ben001 on Mar 13, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2015 by Ben001
We have 89601B 14.23 ver software with MXA.
I attempt to use Input-->Extensions SCPI commands, for example, ADC Dither.
however, it does not work. 
For example, I try to ask VSA return its Adc Dither value, my SCPI command is as below
:INPut:EXTension:PARameters:GET? "ADC DITHER"
It is not working.

When I use 89601B with Scope (Infiniium), the SCPI command works well,
For example,
:INPut:EXTension:PARameters:GET? "SampleMode"
It would return the value 1,2 or 3. it works well.

May someone have same problems?

many thanks.