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ENA E5080A - How to measure IQ de-modulators IF phase/amplitude difference?

Question asked by mirek on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by mirek
I got demo of ENA E5080A to determine if I will be able measure IF output IQ de-modulator phase/amplitude difference.
We did that before using old 8753E/D ....  The problem with the old 8753 is that they apparently can't live forever :) 
We looking for new solution.
I stated that the ENA is a demo as it have most of the available options, including frequency offset.
So what my problem: 
If I am using SMC (mixer scalar) option I can choose and output receive, the only problem I can choose only one receiver (I need two).
If I add additional trace with in SMC channel you still can only use one receiver with in that particular channel. 
To be clear I need to use external generator for the LO that I was able to configure and set in SMC channel.   
Look like SMC option will not work to measure IQ de-modulator in current firmware configuration.

Another option is to use Frequency Offset with math function between two traces. I can set one channel with two trace (S21 & S31) and set external LO generator in External Devices Configuration menu, however I do not see that external generator in Frequency Offset menu.
Look like Frequency Offset option will not work to measure IO de-modulator in current firmware configuration as in SMC option.

Is there any way to force the external generator to appear in frequency offset menu?

Is there any other approach to do measure IQ de-modulator phase/amplitude difference on ENA E5080A?

The demo ENA E5080A have firmware revision A.11.00.04.

I know that I can do that measurement on PNA-X, however we need low cost solution that why we are looking in to ENA E5080A.