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34904A Matrix module problems

Question asked by henrik on Aug 7, 2015

I have 34970A with 34901A and 34904A modules and using BenchLink Data Logger software.

I need to measure multiple (at least 4) current signals from pressure transmitters and flowmeters. I got the measurements working fine with 2 sensors, when connecting them straight to 34901A.

But since the 34901A has only 2 connectors for current measurements, I have understood that I need to use the 34904A matrix switch in order to get data simultaneusly from multiple current signals. I have also understood that the switch works so that I connect for example 4 sensors to rows and then connect a column to 34901A current signal input. And then should be able to measure all the sensor signals in sequence. I am mistaken so far?

So how does the actual measuring works with this matrix module? How do I command the matrix module? I didn't find any setting in Benchlink data logger that would help me. And googling didn't get me anywhere.


edit. Okay, now I have figured out how to close and open the channels in the matrix card. Now my problem is to finds some commands (and/or code) that would let me to log data as before, but through different channels in the matrix module so that matrix channels would open and close automatically.

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