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channel.single method doesn't always complete sweep

Question asked by andeezlemoyo on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by jvall

I am working with an 2-port E8362C, running firmware version, A.09.42.22. Using DCOM.

I have noticed that Channel.Single(bWait:=True) does not always finish sweeping.  It sometimes leaves a few points at the end of the sweep, unswept--unchanged from the previous sweep.  It is especially noticeable if I turn off power, sweep, then turn on power, then sweep again. The few points at the end remain unchanged from the sweep with the power off. 

I can reproduce the problem with the front panel controls as well as using the DCOM object model.

Also, I've tried Channel.Single(bWait:=False) and then looping until Channel.IsHold = True, but I get the exact same result.

In either case, if I sweep a second time, then the sweep is completed.  

Another odd thing is that not all of the traces are affected, I'm running a single channel only, all measurements are on the same channel.

I also notice that if I remove the Tr7, the one with the equation, then the problem goes away.  I've also attached a .csa file.

Please see attached screen pic.

Any thoughts?  This is unfortunate as I have to sweep multiple times now to make sure I get a full sweep...

Please help.

Thank you,


(Please see attached screen pic.)

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