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Unable to measure phase shift between two signals solved

Question asked by Eugene_E on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by Eugene_E

I am trying to figure out how to measure phase shift between two signals automatically. I have them generated by the external generator (see attached picture S1.png).

Now I do:

-> *IDN?
<- KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES,MSO9404A,MY52250157,05.51.0002
-> *RST
-> *CLS
-> :AUToscale
-> :DIGitize
-> :MEASure:PHASe? CHANnel1, CHANnel2
<- 9.99999E+37

Now I am adding measurement manually via menu: "Measure" / "Add Measurement" / Select "Phase" measurement / Make sure Source 1 = Channel 1 & source 2 = Channel 2 and press OK.

The phase now is measured (see attached picture S2.png).

And now the same command woks:
-> :MEASure:PHASe? CHANnel1, CHANnel2
<- 1.8000E+02

So the question is: what am I doing wrong the first time I am try to measure phase shift via commands only?

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