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Connection Expert 17.1 Issue

Question asked by Zeid on Aug 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2016 by BattleTek

on my PC was the 16.3 IO Libraries Suite finely running allowing smooth control of the instruments over the USB/GPIB 82357B interface.
After attempts to update to 17.X version, no instrument was being detected anymore. The same applies from BenchVue which was previously working.

The strange thing is that even after installation (uninstall of 16.3 first), the SW still shows that the installed version is 16.3 (not true by examining control panel...) and still referes to the update.
Please see attached pictures.

What made things more complicated is that a fall-back to the earlier version did not solve the problem!

Here are some info concerning the matter:
Win7 64bit
Agilent VISA installed (VISA conflict manager hints to only Agilent VISA being installed)
488 option enabled
Auto-scan enabled

Please assist!


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