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PLTS 5.0 could not detect TEK CSA8000B

Question asked by cmwong on Sep 16, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2009 by odanzy
Hi, I have an enquiry which is puzzling me. PLTS 5.0 could not detect my TEK CSA8000B scope. It's puzzling because Agilent IO libraries suite v15 was able to detect and communicate with CSA8000B but not PLTS 5.0. I have tried to reset both PC and instrument but same problem occurs.

I have tried to manually configure the instrument in PLTS but it also did not detect CSA8000B with the stated GPIB address in Agilent Connection Expert.

Does anyone encounter the same problem? Is there a work around solution? Would greatly appreciate your advice.

Thanks very much in advance.