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Problem with SCPI commands, when am trying to communicate over VISA(LABVie)

Question asked by sai_54 on Jan 18, 2016
Hi Everyone,

I am working with 33612A Function generator, I am trying to send a arbitrary waveform data values over visa test panel using labview certain commands are not working like [[SOURce[1|2]:]DATA:ARBitrary[1|2] , {|, , . . .}
[SOURce[1|2]:]DATA:ARBitrary[1|2]:DAC , {|, , . . .}] 

it just gives error when i am sending (DATA:ARB myArb, 1, .75, .50, .25, 0, -.25, -.50, -.75, -1)

then i tried to do manually using the front panel when i tried to save my created arbirary waveform it just gives cannot save file at  (location............)  . Can anyone help me with this.

I think I am facing problem with accessing volatile memory of FG

Thank You,
Best Regards
S P Surapaneni

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