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E-Cal Fixture Simulator Set up

Question asked by Markl1 on Oct 9, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2007 by tsilchia001
4 x N6314A(R) Cable N (m) to Type N (m) 50
4 x Pasternack PE9324(R) N(f) To 3.5(m) adapter
N4431-60003 300KHz-9GHz Electronic Calibration Module
Test Fixture: Bare copper strip with 4 threaded 50 ohm SMAs

VBA Macro Used: Balanced Cable Measurement (found on Agilent website)


I am attempting to test a 75 Ohm shielded twisted pair cable on the ENA, and am usure how to set up the calibration and fixture simulator settings to perform an accurate test. I am running the VBA macro mentioned above to test for Impedance and Insertion Loss, and am recording some very ackward results. I have one primary conductor hooked up to ports 1 and 3, and the other primary conductor hooked up to ports 2 and 4. Please help.