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FieldFox Handheld Analyzers Data Sheet N99xx Chart Uncertainty Issue

Question asked by Whatsamatteru on Mar 27, 2015
I'm looking at the data sheet for the N99xx series analyzer (#5990-9783EN, dated Jan 28, 2015).  On page 13 there is data for using the analyzer with 3.5 mm OSLT and then another set of data on page 14 for using the analyzer with the 85052D.  Generally, the 'corrected' performance parameters are better when using it with the 85052D (Directivity, tracking, etc.)

BUT, the uncertainty charts show better uncertainties for the OSLT than for the 85052D. (Look at S21/S12 transmission uncertainty, for example.)  Why is this?

With generally better corrected parameters, wouldn't the 85052D produce a better uncertainty chart than the OSLT?

Are the charts switched by mistake?

And, I know this has been asked before and answered (somewhat), but is there any idea 'when' Keysight will have an uncertainty calculator that supports the FieldFox?  They've said before they are either looking into it or plan on it, but 'when'?

Ken S.
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Thank you ahead of time.