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Any antivirus program installed in your Windows-based VNA?

Question asked by on Aug 1, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2015 by jvall
I have an E5071C-2K5 ENA (Windows-based). Many years ago, Agilent discouraged users to install any antivirus program in an ENA:
On page 16, it says, "do not attempt to use the system in ways other than those described in this manual or to install Windows-based software (including anti-virus software) for ordinary PCs as doing so may cause malfunctions."

Now, installing an antivirus program is strongly recommended:
[] (page 18)

My colleague also owns an E5071C. He does not like antivirus programs (maybe he suspects possible delays in data taking?), so he avoids any internet connection or USB flash drive insertion to the ENA in order to prevent virus infection. (He allows only GPIB connection from another computer.)

My ENA does not have internet connection, but I uses USB flash drives on it. I was brain-washed with the old "do-not-install-antivirus-programs" rule and now I hesitated to install an antivirus-program in my ENA. (But eventually I installed Kaspersky last week.)

I would like to hear any experiences from the users about their antivirus programs installed in their Keysight (Agilent) VNAs. Only Symantec AntiVirus program is confirmed by Keysight. Does anyone use an antivirus program other than Symantec (Kaspersky for example) and find nothing wrong (data delay, weird behavior, ...etc.)? Do you prefer to stop autoscan to prevent possible interference with the data taking?

Thank you.