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U2351A Dataaquisition in LabView

Question asked by m.werle on Jan 7, 2016
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Hello everyone and a Happy New Year,

I'd like to aquisite digital data from my measuring device U2351A from Keysight. 
To do this, I used the VIs from the Instrument Driver. (uploaded screenshot)

There are two options to read the data in different formats:
1. Digital Pattern (8 Bit -> numerable value from 0 to 255)
2. Digital Bit (8 Bit -> 1D Array of integer values (0 or 1) )

I'd like tu use the second option, but I don't get an 1D array with 8 elements (one element for every bit), but only a 1D array with one single element. 

If I configure more channels to be read, the 1D array grows longer but still only one element in the array for every channel, even though every channel 501 and 502 have 8 Bits. (Source: User Guide)

How do I get the status of the other Bits?

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