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Broken AP200 digitizer?

Question asked by ger225 on Feb 26, 2016

We have a Bruker Daltonics QTOF (micrOTOF-Q II) mass spectrometer. Last month, it started to show a tremendous amount of noise when solvent was being pumped into it. We contacted Bruker for this issue and they responded that the digitizer *MAY* be the culprit. Bruker has left Argentina, so if we are to replace the digitizer and bring a Bruker technician from Mexico, the total cost is about 20000 dollars, which is high for our Institution.

We are raising the money, but our main concern is that maybe the problem is not the digitizer. Or maybe the problem is there, but our electrical engineers can fix it, saving us money. Since Bruker's answers are very vague and unhelpful, I'm turning to the forum to ask for advise.

I'm attaching the error log from the mass spec and screen captures. The digitizer that goes into the mass spec is a DIGITIZER ( SMA CONNECTOR ) AP200 / 50 

1) Does the error looks like a broken digitizer?
2) Is there something easy to be tested before buying a new one? (Maybe trying if the error lies in the PCI slot and not in the digitizer itself?)
3) If we need to replace the digitizer for a new one, is it necessary that a tech guy from Bruker has to come and change it? Or can the digitizer be replaced easily by an electronic engineer with general knowledge in scientific equipment?

Thank you so much for your time.