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1680A WinXP Restore Problem

Question asked by swperk on Jan 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by SporkSchivago

I have a 1680A with the Adlink M-815G motherboard. It was running Win XP SP2 and LA software version 3.67 with no problems. I wanted to upgrade it to Win XP SP3 so I could run a later version of the LA software (5.70). Unfortunately, when I tried to install the SP3 patch, something went wrong and the analyzer would no longer boot.

I then installed a fresh copy of Win XP SP3, and the analyzer booted up fine into Windows, but the internal LCD display was not active, and the only way I could use the analyzer was with an external display.

Finally, I downloaded the restore CD image files from the Keysight FTP site (01680-14106), and although they appeared to have restored the hard drive, once the restore was completed the analyzer got only as far as the initial disk check routine, then stalled at "Getting ready to start Windows" message. I repeated the process with fresh downloads of the restore images but got the same result. BTW, this appears to be the same problem as "tonykara" described in his posting on 7/24/09 in the "Oscilloscopes/General Usage" forum about his own 1680A restore process.


1) Am I missing something with the CD restore process? I did everythhing "by the book" but stil can't get the analyzer to boot properly.
2) Is there a way to enable the internal LCD so I can use my OEM Windows XP SP3 install disk and go from there? I think if I could get the internal LCD to be the primary display, I could just install the LA software and be done.

Thanks and Happy New Year!